Image of Morgan Lounge

Make your reservation by sending a request to including:

  • date, time and purpose of your event
  • your name and CNR affiliation
  • your email address and phone number

You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation within 1 business day.

The Lounge capacity is 39 people.

When using Morgan Lounge, please follow the following guidelines:

Image of the TV screen in Morgan Lounge

Please be aware that classes and meetings are held in the adjacent 120 room. Your consideration is appreciated.

If you need to move the furniture for your meeting, make sure to bring the room to its original arrangement after your event is over. The furniture may not be removed from the room.

Please note that no use of tape, staples or pins is allowed on the walls.

The adjacent room 114A room is not included in the Lounge reservation and may not be used. If you’re serving any food and beverages at your event, we recommend that it be prepared at your own department's space and delivered for your function.

If food and beverages are served, organizers must contact Physical Plant at (642-1032) to arrange for extra trash containers. Otherwise, all food and beverage trash must be bundled and removed from the building at the conclusion of the meeting. Dumpsters are located near the northwest corner of Morgan Hall just behind Tolman Hall and also just behind Mulford Hall to the southwest.

The key to open the doors and windows of the Lounge is available in 119 Morgan Hall.

If you reserve the Lounge for a weekend or evening function, there may be a cost associated with having the building doors unlocked and relocked. Please email at for details.

In case of cancellation, please make sure to adjust the original reservation, so others can use the room.

You must secure the doors and windows when you leave.