Featured Social Marketing Campaign Projects from NST 166

March 06, 2017

On the first day of class, students in NST 166 Nutrition in the Community were asked to identify areas in which they would like to see a positive change in health behaviors/outcomes. The top four most popular items provided by the students were:

#1) Increasing Physical Activity

#2) Increasing Nutrition Knowledge

#3) Eating Healthy in a Specific Way

#4) Increasing Water Intake 

Students formed groups and signed up for one of the four topics to create and present a Social Marketing Campaign to encourage behavior change. The class rated each presentation based on quality and whether the campaign would effectively change the behavior(s) of the intended target population. The following groups/presentations received the highest scores from the class for each of the topics.

Click on the links to view the presentations!

#1) R.E.C.E.S.S. (Rethinking Exercise to Combat Excessive Student Stress) -- Isabelle Castillo (PH), Allen Chen (NST-PM), Yuleen Sternberg(L&S UG), Jessica Yu (NST-PM) 

#2) CHEF! (Cooking Healthy, Economical Food) Program -- Rebecca Hsiao (NST-D), Joanna Lu (NST-D), Rosemary Nurse (NST-PM), Alejandra Perez (NST-D)

#3) Upgrade Your Fuel -- Rochelle Lai (NST-D), Sofia Moon (NST-D), Gaby Reyes (NSTD), Vi Tran (NST-D) 

#4) Water Time -- Patrick Fang (NST-PM), Marissa Fong (IB & NST-PM), Vien Nguyen (NSTPM)  

Congrats to all of the NST166 students, but especially to these four groups for their creative and motivational campaigns to encourage behavior change to improve health outcomes!