Dan Nomura receives grant from Mark Foundation for Cancer Research

February 22, 2023

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research announced today twelve projects to receive their ASPIRE award to support research that accelerates the pace of scientific discovery and the development of new cancer therapies and diagnostics.

Professor Dan Nomura was awarded a follow-on ASPIRE award to continue his project, “Developing next-generation therapies and therapeutic modalities for cancer using covalent chemoproteomic platforms.

In work previously funded by the Mark Foundation, the Nomura lab used activity-based protein profiling to discover new binding sites on target proteins, as well as covalent ligands that bind those sites. They now aim to expand this work to identify covalent ligands for additional cancer-relevant targets and develop effective cancer therapeutics based on the identified ligands. This project has the potential to both lay the foundation for the development of new cancer therapies and introduce new drug discovery paradigms that can be deployed in cancer and other diseases.

Learn more about the award and all recipients at the Mark Foundation website.