Course Highlight: Nutrition in the Community

February 11, 2021

Offered every fall semester,  the Nutrition in the Community class  (NST 166) offers students the opportunity to create motivational social marketing campaigns to increase awareness of nutritional issues or influence positive behavior change.

To launch their social media campaigns, students are asked to identify areas in which they would like to see a positive change in health behaviors or outcomes around the UC Berkeley campus. Last fall, the topic areas were:

  • More affordable and accessible food options
  • Eliminating Food Waste/Sustainable Food Practices
  • Education and Services around Healthy Eating
  • New/Proposed Changes to Food/Nutrition Policies

Students then formed groups and signed up for one of the four topics to create and present a social marketing campaign to encourage healthy behavior. Once each project was complete, the class rated the presentations based on quality and potential efficacy. The following groups/presentations received the highest scores from the class for each of the topics:

More Affordable & Accessible Food - Farmer's Market Transportation
Jasmine Cheng, Integrative Biology
Tiffany Chua, Conservation and Resource Studies
Irene Lee Hung, Nutritional Sciences - Physiology & Metabolism
Serin Lee, Molecular Environmental Biology

Eliminating Food Waste/Sustainable Food Practices - RAWR (Repurposing and Waste Reduction)
Amanda Bowler, Nutritional Science - Dietetics
Erin Dougherty, Nutritional Science - Dietetics
Hailey Ng, Nutritional Sciences – Dietetics
Claire Rider, Anthropology & American Studies

Education & Services around Healthy Eating - PreGo
Brendan Co, Nutritional Sciences - Physiology and Metabolism
Kelly Fong, Nutritional Sciences - Physiology and Metabolism
Christopher Ng, Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics
Amy Park, Nutritional Sciences - Physiology & Metabolism

New/Proposed Changes to Nutrition/Food Policies  - New Healthy Eating Plate
Sarah Ea, Nutritional Sciences - Physiology and Metabolism
Elyse McNamara-Pittler, Public Health
Emi Osaki, Society and Environment, Minor: Food Systems
Christina To, Nutritional Sciences - Physiology & Metabolism

 Thank you to Dr. Mary Lesser for providing this information and leading NST 166.